FauxStone Designs offers a wide range of solutions to repair, restore and beautify concrete, asphalt, wood, metal, tile, foam and even linoleum. Using our patented Ultra Surface Polymer Cement mixture, we can repair cracks and spalls in concrete, level uneven or low areas and re-pitch to increase slope.
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Our Indoor/Outdoor Polymer Blend

The addition of the polymer to the concrete changes the chemistry of the mixture, creating a flexible, strong, extremely adhesive cementious compound. The main reason we love this compound is its tenacious bonding abilities, meaning it can bond with a wide variety of surfaces incuding concrete, brick, linoleum and tile. The main benefits of our polymer concrete over ordinary concrete include lower costs, increased overall strength/durability and an increased resistance to water, abrasion, chemical attack and extreme Winnipeg weather.

Commercial & Residential Applications

Our unique, patented Ultrasurface Polymer Concrete is the perfect solution to refinish your existing cracked, damaged or faded concrete, as well as a wide range of other surfaces including wood, tile, slate, brick and stucco. It can even be applied to decks, benches and walls to create a beautiful, textured finish. The wide range of surfaces it can repair, beautify and protect, combined with the wide range or colours, patterns and textures available makes Ultrasurface Polymer Concrete the perfect solution for homes, businesses and outdoor settings.


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